The purpose of this thread is to detail every difference from the vanilla behaviour on the survival Minecraft server.

If you have any questions, bug reports, or complaints make a post on this forum or send an email to admin(at)

/land (land management)

This command allows you to claim and protect chunks. Every player can claim up to 20 chunks.

Getting help

  • /land help

Claiming land

  • /land claim (Claim the chunk you are currently standing on)
  • /land multiclaim (Claim multiple chunks at once)

Managing permissions

You can allow or disallow block breaking, chest access, hurting/riding mobs, ice boots, trampling, splash potions, and pistons.

Make sure you claim land before using these commands.

  • /land manage (Manage the permissions of all your claimed chunks)
  • /land manageone (Manage the permissions of the chunk you are standing on)

Friend management

Friends will be subject to the permissions you set in the friend row on the management screen.

  • /land friends (Lists your friends for the land you are standing on)

Manage friends for the chunk you are standing on

  • /land friend player_name
  • /land unfriend player_name

Manage friends for all your chunks

  • /land friendall player_name
  • /land unfriendall player_name

Smooth Sleeping

This plugin allows the night to be sped up when not all players are sleeping. The night will be sped up according to the percentage of players sleeping. If everyone is sleeping the night is skipped using vanilla behaviour.

Player Heads

Killing another player will drop their head.

Tree Felling

Large trees will fall realistically

Chest Sorting

Chests will be automatically sorted when they are closed.

Dynamic Nether Portals

You can see the other dimension through nether portals


Walk through the lobby portal or type '/warp lobby' to go back to the lobby.